Critical Care & Internal Medicine

The department of Critical Care comprises of Chief Intensivists, Junior Intensivists, Senior & Junior Doctors and highly efficient, experienced and well trained nursing & paramedical staff.

The Critical Care Department offers 24×7 care to patients in potentially life-threatening conditions requiring life support system and other intensive medical interventions. The patients with dysfunction or failure of one or more organ systems, like cardiac, pulmonary, neurology, liver and kidney, amongst others are admitted to a Critical Care Unit (CCU). Our experienced multidisciplinary team provides state-of-the-art patient care with promptness and compassion. The team comprises of trained, efficient and skilled staff in critical care medicine.


  • Multichannel monitoring including ETCO2, Bispectral index & pulmonary arterial pressure.
  • Cardiac output monitoring.
  • Bedside ABG analysis in each unit.
  • Bedside EEG, EMG-NCV studies, 2D Echo, Sonography & Doppler studies in coordination with other departments.
  • Hemodialysis, SLED, CRRT, IABP, Pulmonary catheter, Temporary pacing-intravenous & transcutaneous.
  • Sophisticated ventilators for invasive as well as non-invasive ventilation
  • Resuscitation equipment, maintenance of crash carts, defibrillation equipment & advanced airway devices.

Internal Medicine or General Medicine

Internal Medicine or General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. The internists (physicians specializing in internal medicine) are skilled in managing patients who are suffering from undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes.

It is a mother specialty as it takes care of hospitalized and ambulatory patients and provides medical cover to all surgical and other sub-specialities with a broader vision and expertise. Internists often have subspeciality interests in diseases affecting particular organs or organ systems.